E-Learning & Training


The real benefit of advanced technology is that it raises the skill level of your staff. Breakthroughs in productivity result from "A-ha!" moments from staff at all levels in an organization. The foundation of those transformative moments come from solid training and continuing education classes. KFG has delivered these “A-ha!” moments through a variety of e-learning and classroom-based educational offerings to augment delivery of our services and solutions.


KFG extends our technical and business expertise into educational offerings to ensure that our clients can effectively take advantage of our professional services and IT solutions. We customize training content and delivery on various platforms, including classroom, web and mobile devices. To promote the greatest effectiveness of training delivery, we augment live and in-classroom training with industry leading online delivery and self-paced learning opportunities



KFG has deployed a number of e-Learning solutions for clients, to include:

Client migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10 OS
Deployment training to upgrade from Office 2010 to Office 2016
Phased migration and sustainment training for transition from Plumtree to SharePoint
Educational Events, such as Senior Leader Forums, Virtual Learning Boot Camps, and Brown Bag Sessions