EDI is the lifeblood of electronic business. It connects government agencies and commercial business alike in a world of electronic transactions. KFG is a full service EDI partner servicing the DoD and commercial clients using our EDITRACE platform.


We leverage our EDI fluency and development expertise to bring rich data dashboards, advanced data analytics, and high fidelity electronic data integrations to our DoD and commercial customers.

  • Surveillance - We offer full EDI transactional surveillance of any and all data into or out of target systems
  • Real-time Analytics – We provide customizable dashboards complete with alerts and notifications that report on the success of your EDI ecosystem and provide you the means to correct errors
  • Data Integration Mapping – We can map any transactional format to any other standard or custom data format as needed



KFG’s government clients operate on the knowledge and insight gained from the EDITRACE platform. We currently monitor and report on complete EDI ecosystems using our securely-hosted applications. Our Executive dashboards are used to brief top-level stakeholders about the health of their EDI initiatives. When new features or defects pop up, our tools allow us to rapidly prototype solutions that instill confidence in our customers.

See us in action:

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