The main challenge today is blending legacy (often complex) technologies with rapidly evolving technology. KFG extends our expertise in integration to ensure that technology aligns with client needs and objectives. We will work with existing products, design custom applications, and interoperate with existing systems. From COBOL mainframes and legacy web applications to cutting edge Open Source software management tools, KFG is your trusted partner in sustaining and augmenting your current IT solutions.


We have a rich history in providing the DoD and commercial industry with custom integrated solutions. More than just implementing a web technology, our strong consulting background ensures that nothing gets missed during the planning and execution phases. Much of what we do is to free up the data from proprietary systems and introduce Open Source Software to build a more scalable and sustainable future.

  • CaC/PIV-We have protected DoD Content Management Systems and Software Management systems with our custom modules built to support open source technologies such as PHP and Drupal.
  • Phabricator -an integrated set of powerful tools to help companies build higher quality software.
  • Repo Surgeon-a tool for repairing and configuring exported data from other revision control systems and bringing it into Git.
  • IRIS - Interactive Reporting and Information Service-ingests fixed-width text files from a COBOL Mainframe and parses the data into usable objects that support a persistent, filterable, sortable reporting dashboard.



We have the first secure CaC/PIV implementation for Open Source PHP software in DCMA. IRIS provides vital transaction acceptance/rejection mainframe data for DCMA initiatives daily. Phabricator is the first unifying Software Management tool and set to expand to other Agency directorates. Repo Surgeon has successfully converted a number of legacy repositories for our customer base.