Management Consulting


Effective management consulting firms have strong leadership, a knowledge base of best practices, and business and technical expertise to guide and collaborate with clients to achieve measurable success. KFG’s seasoned consultants have helped federal and commercial clients with program evaluation, continuous improvement initiatives, performance management, benchmarking, and return-on-investment analyses.


KFG’s consultants have strategic insight, industry knowledge, and IT functional expertise to bridge the gap between business demands and IT solutions. We have helped clients set strategies, develop new policies, and re-define business processes and enabling them to discover better ways to achieve their mission goals, navigate complex change, and gain new levels of performance.

Program & Project Management
KFG’s PMP-certified staff manages projects that improve client performance. KFG uses the latest program management tools, providing communication and collaboration between the client and project team members to ensure that project goals and objectives are met.

Business Process Management (BPM)
KFG provides a disciplined approach to identify, execute, and measure automated and non-automated business processes that focuses on core mission functions for our clients. KFG understands how to effectively break down a client’s business processes, and then restructure the critical steps to improve throughput and simplify activities.

Business Portfolio Investment Management
KFG provides business portfolio analysis and management to help clients manage their products and services to enhance their strategic planning efforts.

Requirements Management
KFG’s experienced team members help clients to document, analyze, prioritize and synthesize requirements.

Policy Definition & Compliance
KFG assists clients in determining, interpreting and writing policy and procedures to remain compliant to specifications and standards. KFG supports clients to adhere to policy and informs of necessary steps to comply with regulations.

Business Process Reengineering
To optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks, KFG experts analyze and redesign workflows within and between enterprises.

Performance Management & Measurement
KFG helps clients meet defined business targets. By looking at the performance criteria, using internal and external metrics, and measuring them against the targets, KFG helps clients determine how well they are successfully meeting long-term goals.



KFG’s consultants have brought their extensive experience and expertise to advise their clients in a number of areas.

Program & Project Management
With a collective experience of more than 80 years, from simple analysis and documentation projects to complex, multi-year advisory engagements. Engagements have included Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Business Capability Project Lifecycle (BCPL) Documentation and Management and Major Systems Lifecycle Management for DODI 5000.02-covered systems that provide services and data to the entire Department of Defense such as MOCAS, EDI and WAWF.

Business Process Management
With expertise in DoD’s Business Enterprise Architecture, KFG has analyzed and improved DoD operations, including documenting as-is business processes from multiple perspectives; conducting data collection for monitoring results; and identifying roadblocks and predictions based on past history. KFG is guiding DoD clients towards integrated systems and more efficient processes, that streamline operations and avoid duplication.

Requirements Management
KFG has perfected techniques in complete and accurate requirements capture that ensure translation into viable software products to meet the end users’ needs. Supporting DoD for more than a decade, KFG has bridged the communications gap between functional need and technical design, while providing advice on managing risk and maintaining schedules.