KFG’s highly skilled team of business and IT consultants are helping government and commercial leaders meet organizational goals through our professional services offerings.

Enterprise Architecture

A major challenge today is designing and implementing solutions that can be integrated across complex legacy and multi-platform environments with rapidly evolving technologies. KFG’s consultants have experience in enterprise architecture design and integration, aligning business needs, objectives and policies with existing systems, networks, data structures, and applications across the network.

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Software Design & Development

Gone are the days of one-sided software solutions. Custom solutions written for multiple platforms are the norm to solve problems and can interact with legacy systems. KFG uses a disciplined, yet best practice-based, rapid delivery approach to delivering unique software solutions that align with your business goals.

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E-Learning & Training

The real benefit of advanced technology is that it raises the skill level of your staff. Breakthroughs in productivity result from "A-ha!" moments from staff at all levels in an organization. The foundation of those transformative moments come from solid training and continuing education classes. KFG has delivered these “A-ha!” moments through a variety of e-learning and classroom-based educational offerings to augment delivery of our services and solutions.

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Management Consulting

Effective management consulting firms have strong leadership, a knowledge base of best practices, and business and technical expertise to guide and collaborate with clients to achieve measurable success. KFG’s seasoned consultants have helped federal and commercial clients with program evaluation, continuous improvement initiatives, performance management, benchmarking, and return-on-investment analyses.

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Contract Management

The Department of Defense (DoD) manages some of the most complex contracts in the nation that are critical to our national security. Therefore, as DoD endeavors to improve its processes, policies and systems for acquisitions, KFG has been a trusted partner in guiding DoD agencies through multiple contract lifecycle management and acquisition support initiatives. Our business and functional expertise, combined with our proprietary Technical Solutions, as well as our commitment to stellar customer service have earned us the reputation of being a respected service provider to DoD clients for more than a decade.

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