Software Design & Development


Gone are the days of one-sided software solutions. Custom solutions written for multiple platforms are the norm to solve problems and can interact with legacy systems. KFG uses a disciplined, yet best practice-based, rapid delivery approach to delivering unique software solutions that align with your business goals.


KFG’s experienced team of software engineers have been designing, creating, and maintaining custom software solutions for federal and commercial clients for more than a decade. We use agile design for adaptive planning, early delivery, continuous improvement, and rapid and flexible responses to change. KFG’s Service-Oriented Architecture provides complete functionality for large software applications. Version control measures can be added to record changes. Quality controls are implemented in the full-cycle design. KFG also offers cloud-based integration and testing as well as cloud-architecture solutions.

KFG offers full-service design and support for a number of frameworks:

  • PHP: Drupal, Laravel, Cake
  • JavaScript: Angular, React, Vue
  • Python: Django

We employ graphic designers and User Interface (UI) developers who are highly-skilled at ensuring content, messaging, and, above all, User Experience (UX) are cleanly delivered to the target audience.



KFG has executed a number of software development projects, to include:

  • Migrated the Defense Commissary Agency’s legacy OneNet application out of ColdFusion to Drupal 7.
  • Implemented Phabricator software development platform to convert and host over 100 legacy code repositories.
  • Developed EDI platform that processes over a million EDI transactions a year.
  • Developed the first complete Open Source CAV/PIV Drupal module for use in the .gov and .mil spaces.