KFG delivers powerful software and IT solutions that adapt and evolve to meet the emerging needs of our customers.

With solutions that integrate modern analytic platforms with legacy systems and provide exceptional continuous integration through our suite of apps and tools, KFG is synonymous with quality.

Data Management

KFG helps you manage data across multiple workloads, while reducing administration, storage, development and server costs. We deliver industry-leading performance for highly available transactions and operational analytics while lowering administration and infrastructure costs.

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EDI is the lifeblood of electronic business. It connects government agencies and commercial business alike in a world of electronic transactions. KFG is a full service EDI partner servicing the DoD and commercial clients using our EDITRACE platform.

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The main challenge today is blending legacy (often complex) technologies with rapidly evolving technology. KFG extends our expertise in integration to ensure that technology aligns with client needs and objectives. We will work with existing products, design custom applications, and interoperate with existing systems. From COBOL mainframes and legacy web applications to cutting edge Open Source software management tools, KFG is your trusted partner in sustaining and augmenting your current IT solutions.

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Security & Hosting

In a world of malicious software and bad actors, the success of your solutions depend on having the strongest defense against cyber threats. More than just protection, it is important that your applications remain secure without sacrificing performance or accessibility. KFG’s practical security strategies and solutions enable agencies and commercial customers to detect, assess, report and mitigate their cybersecurity challenges.

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